Cruises During the Winter- Yes or No?

Published on 07/29/2021

Going on a cruise ship can be a fun-filled experience. It allows one to travel leisurely to different parts of the world while enjoying world-class hotel or resort amenities. Onboard, there are comfortable rooms and suites, restaurants, a spa, arcade, an indoor pool, casino. The list can go on. It will seem as if you won’t want to leave the cruise at all! When you decide to go on a cruise, it is natural to ask during which time of the year is the best season to go on one. Winter cruises are becoming increasingly popular, and here are a few pieces of information for you to think over before you embark on a new journey.

Cruises During The Winter

Cruises During The Winter

The Pros of Taking a Winter Cruise

Winter cruises are popular for a particular reason – there is no need to spend the holidays in the frigid cold. If you are considering a winter cruise, these points might help you decide whether or not it is a vacation you are willing to take.

Fewer People on Board

Good news – there are fewer crowds on winter cruises. Most of the time, families and groups of friends go on cruise vacations between July to August. Wintertime is usually an off-season for the cruise industry, and you’ll be met with welcoming arms as you go on land tours on the many stops of your trip.

Cheaper Prices

Because it is off-season, cruise lines are more likely to offer cheaper deals to fill up the rooms. Then, of course, there are the restaurants and tourist shops that also have way lower prices. Sometimes museums will waive off entrance fees or give discounted rates to attract customers. Whatever the case, the fact that you are spending less is cause for celebration!

Christmas Markets

Going on a cruise during the winter season means you’ll be spending several days away from home but don’t worry about Christmas shopping – countless street markets in European cities will help get you into the yuletide season. The weather may not be as chilly, but at least you can shop for unique items! These Christmas markets usually open at the end of November and last for about a month.

Christmas Markets

Christmas Markets

No Kids

Kids would still be in school around this time unless you decide to go on a cruise during the Christmas and New Year break. For some, this could be considered a con, but if you’re looking for some peace and quiet, then go for a winter cruise. You’ll have the deck to yourself, with no kids wailing and running around!

Personalized Attention

Fewer guests mean you’ll be the center of attention most of the time. Some cruise ships offer special tours, such as shopping with the head chef for fresh ingredients when you arrive on land. During peak season, you’d typically be with a group to be able to enjoy this type of experience, but with a winter cruise, you will most likely have the chef all to yourself.

The Cons

Of course, it goes without saying that there is a downside to going on a cruise when it’s wintertime. Among these are rough seas, unpredictable weather, shops may be closed, and you won’t be able to sunbathe as often as you would like. If these are things that you can live with during your vacation, then it is best that you choose a winter cruise. The overall experience will most likely be pleasant and you will have the luxury of spending your free time away from the stress and bustle of daily life.