Street Foods That You Must Try On Your Europe Visit!

Published on 02/09/2022

Europe has a variety of cuisines to offer when it comes to food, and if you are there spending your vacation, there are a few options that you must not miss. Exploring the street food market will give you a sense of how it feels to be a local, and it will also allow you to experience the authenticity of the place from a completely different perspective. This blog will provide you with a few options that you must try, and the street foods will keep changing based on the country you are visiting on the continent. Before making an itinerary, we believe that you should know the items a must-have for any traveler. Europe can be easily considered one of the best destinations for all the foodies and now, without any further adieu, let’s dive into the options.

Street Foods That You Must Try On Your Europe Visit

Street Foods That You Must Try On Your Europe Visit

Pizza (Rome)

There are various places where you will find several delicious pizza options, but among all, only a few will be able to give you the satisfaction that your soul is craving. Pizzarium is a place loved by all, the locals and travelers. Gabriele Bonci founded the site, and in Rome, people have given him the title of Michelangelo of pizza.

Pintxos (Spain)

A majority of travelers coming to Spain have a few options where they will plan their visit. The top priority will be Madrid and Barcelona. However, if you consider yourself a foodie or carry an appreciation for the food, the place that you should make your first priority is Basque Country in northern Spain. There are several Michelin star restaurants here, and along with it, you will also get to experience the authentic local street food culture here.

Meat Pies (Croatia)

You might be confused regarding the food options you will get in Croatia; the fantastic food that the country has to offer is Burek, it’s a meat pie pastry that you will easily find at all the bakeries and street food carts. There are numerous layers of thin lines of dough, and within these layers, you will find potatoes, cooked meat, and thin layers of an onion. It will become one of your favorite snacks in no time.

French Crepes (Ireland)

Ireland’s fantastic food offered here is French Crepes, it is made by twirling the batter with extreme expertise, and the slab on which you are doing the twirls should also be flat. The cook will then add some items such as eggs, bacon, tomatoes, onions, and finally mushrooms. It will cost you somewhere around €4, and we can guarantee you will never forget the taste of this Irish food. You will also have the option of changing the fillings, such as strawberries and cream.

French Crepes Ireland

French Crepes Ireland

Currywurst (Germany)

There are various items that Germany has already registered in its name when it comes to food. You must have heard of pretzels, schnitzel, beer, and more. Yes, in Germany, beer is considered a whole food group. All the restaurants and cafes will offer you a Currywurst, but if you are trying to find a perfect one, it will always be in some fest or at any street vendor cart. The deliciousness and finger-licking taste of a Currywurst will compel you to add it to the list of your favorite snacks. Apart from these items, if you visit one of the most historical countries, Greece, you must not miss Gyro. It’s a wrap stuffed with thin meat slices and tzatziki sauce with french fries.