Unusual Holidays To Go On Vacation

Published on 06/11/2020

When it comes to holiday vacations, the usual things that come to mind is surfing, mountain climbing, and the usual stuff. However, it can be good to break away from the mainstream and try something new. In this article, we shall take a look at some unusual holidays worth spending a vacation on.

Unusual Holidays To Go On Vacation

Unusual Holidays To Go On Vacation

1. Lionfish spearing

At first, you may think that killing marine life is against marine conservation. However, lionfishes pose one of the greatest threats to reefs in the Caribbean. This native marine species has spread rapidly due to the absence of natural predators. Lionfishes pounce on every fish that they can find on the reef. With this holiday, you will be wearing scuba gear and spear lionfishes underwater. The experience can be thrilling and educational and extremely beneficial. The months of September to May is the best time to go.

2. Swimming with wild dolphins

Dolphins are one of the most well-loved marine mammals. Swimming with dolphins is a must when planning a vacation. Azores is one of the best places to dolphin sighting. Around seven species of dolphins can be seen in the area along with sperm whales and orcas. You will be accompanied by expert guides and boat drivers who can monitor the behavior of each species. July and August are the best time to go swimming with dolphins.

3. Sea kayaking

A trip to Croatia is never complete without trying out a kayak. With more than 1,000 islands grouped into several archipelagos, sea kayaking is a way of life in Croatia. You might think that kayaking is for the professionals only. The truth, however, is that just about anyone can do it. Also, you are never too old or young to start. However, it is recommended that you can at least swim. The best time go sea kayaking in Croatia is June to September.

Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking

4. Galapagos Island Wildlife exploration

When people say Galapagos Island, the first thing that comes to mind is small ships cruising. The truth of the matter is that there is more to the island than small ships. While the wildlife wonders of the island is best explored at sea, you could also get off the boat and meet local people. With wildlife exploration in Galapagos Island, you get to go swimming with sea lions, hiking up the Sierra Negra volcano, and sample some of the dishes Galapagos Island has to offer. The months of December to June are the best time to go on a Galapagos Island holiday.

5. Petra and Wadi Rum bike tour

Biking with a scenic view in the backdrop is always a thrilling experience. Riding on two wheels in the UNESCO heritage city of Petra provides a glimpse of some of Jordan’s most impressive and important sites of historic and cultural interest. Since its Jordan, you might think that the trip will be difficult as you will be cycling on the sand. But you might be in for a surprise because there are also quality asphalt roads in this Middle Eastern country.
With the Petra and Wadi Rum bike tour, you will be traveling with an organized team. You can opt to bypass the steep ascents or you can experience biking downhill. Either way, the experience can be treacherous but you get to see breathtaking views.
A biking holiday on Jordan would never be complete without visiting the fabled sandstone trading post of Petra. Spend the night under the stars of Wadi Rum or go snorkeling in the Red Sea. Enroute to Petra, you also get to experience the local lifestyle. If you are looking for a meaningful cycling holiday, you can never go wrong with a Jordan biking tour.